About my work:

Many of my short stories and my first novel, "Lead Poisoning" are about Kevin Markinson, Marine Veteran, sometime mob troubleshooter, with possible connections to the CIA.  In his younger days he was a tough guy, but as he's gotten older, he's tried to settle down.  Problem is, trouble seems to find him, no matter where he is or what he does.  It doesn't help that through most of his life he's been in and out of prison, when he was supposed to be in prison.  It doesn't help that all he knows how to do is shoot at things.  Well, not things so much as people.  

In "Lead Poisoning," set in the late nineties, Kevin makes the decision to move to New Hampshire to spend time with his wife Cindy and their two teenage boys, Andy and Michael.  But he doesn't really know how to settle down and keep to himself.  He befriends the local police chief.  Andy gets involved with drug dealers.  Michael wonders if he should turn his father in to the US Marshals.  And the US Marshals are interested in Kevin's whereabouts, in the form of Deputy Sally Barnard, who has been chasing him for what seems like half her career.  As Kevin tries to get Andy out of trouble and keep himself out of the spotlight, the life he's tried to build unravels and the story races to its inevitable conclusion.

In "Stress Fractures," a prequel to "Lead Poisoning," Kevin Markinson has never found his breaking point.  His time as a sniper in Vietnam didn’t do it.  His career as a CIA assassin didn’t bother him.  He’s tough, cool, even working as a mob troubleshooter in New York.  But when his boss decides to break him out of prison, and things begin to go wrong, he starts to discover cracks in his armor.  Little fissures that start to get bigger as he is injured, then taken hostage, along with a teenager, by a gang of thugs.  He has to step up and protect the kid, all while trying to keep himself from falling completely apart, while law enforcement closes in.  Can he hold it together, save the kid, and keep himself out of prison?